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Google: U.S. Government Search
June 16, 2006 11:23 AM

Google U.S. Government Search

Having trouble finding DMV forms, handbooks, or contact info? You no longer have to worry; Google has just released a new search tool which allows searching through millions of government websites. Google Government Search, which was launched yesterday on 06/15/06, allows anyone to search through Federal, State, and Local government webpages. The tool has been designed to help people find information about anything relating to the U.S. Government directly through their powerful search tool.

The website which is accessible from has been designed very similarly to Google’s custom Personalized Homepages. If you are one of those that like to keep up with government news, you will now have the ability to add tons of government news feeds and information to your Personalized Google Government Homepage. This is a great tool for finding information, but lets just hope the government doesn’t subpoena Google’s logs to see what everyone’s been searching for.

Links: Google U.S. Government Search | FAQs and More Info
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