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TiVo Desktop v2.3 Released
June 21, 2006 08:57 PM

TiVo Desktop v2.3

On Wednesday (06/21/06), TiVo released TiVo Desktop v2.3 for Windows. TiVo Desktop now offers TiVo users the ability to convert and transfer shows from their machine to their Apple iPod (video) or Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). TiVo had originally announced their plans to offer this feature back in November 2005 and as expected, the “premium” edition, TiVo Desktop Plus, will not be free. TiVo Desktop Plus will run consumers $24.99, however a basic edition which supports all the standard features of music/photo sharing and show transfers will remain completely free.

The reason for the $24.99 “Plus” edition is because TiVo has to pay both Apple and Sony royalty feeds for the use of the Mp4 format. Luckily users who plan to use only the basic edition will only lack once premium feature, the ability to convert and transfer shows for portable devices. If you wish to utilize TiVo Desktop v2.3 (basic or premium) you will need to be running a TiVo Series 2 which is networked, has the latest software update, and has TiVo To Go enabled. The software unfortunately currently only works on Windows 2000/XP, however there is no word on a new version for Mac OS X users. (TiVo Desktop Plus can be purchased at

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