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Digg Search Widget v2.00
July 19, 2006 04:42 PM

Digg Search Widget v2.00

On June 6, 2006, the long awaited Digg v3 went live. Along with this update came a brand new theme, new sets of feeds, and plenty of new features. To maximize compatibility we have released the Digg Search Widget v2.0, which has been rebuilt from scratch. Although the widget may look similar to the previous edition at first glance, this new widget incorporates tons of new features. v2.0 includes features such as an Advance Search, Digg v3 Themes, RSS Reader, Text To Speech, and Story Alerts. To get the Digg Search Widget you will need the Yahoo! Widget Engine installed (available for Windows & Macintosh). Please give this a try and let us know what you think. Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Digg Search Widget v2.00 Features:

Search Features:

  • Area: All Stories, Front Page, or Upcoming
  • Age: From Anytime or Last 7/30/365 days
  • Type: Within Title, Body, or Both
  • Sort: Newest, Oldest, or Most Dugg First
  • Buried: On or Off to Include Buried Stories

Theme Features:

  • Widget Colors: Digg V3 Blue (plus Green & Grey)
  • Info Slide: Display Description, Diggs, Category, etc.
  • View Preference: Numbered Stories And Scrolling Items
  • Timestamp: Add Time/Date To End Of Description
  • Usericons: Get Submitter Username and the Usericon

Feeds Features:

  • Optional: Collapse Feed Reader (search only)
  • Main Feeds: Popular, Upcoming, Username, Friends, etc.
  • Main Categories and subCategories: 37 available
  • Headline Count: View 1-15 Headlines On Any Feed
  • Update Interval: Check For New Stories Every 5-60mins
  • Update On Demand: Right-Click and “Refresh Feed”


  • Computer Text To Speech With SlideShow
  • Choose What To Read: Title, Diggs, Description, etc.
  • Number Of Items To Read: All Items Or Choose 1-15


  • Digg Logo Link: Homepage, Upcoming, Spy, And More…
  • New Story Alert: Chime When New Stories Are Available
  • Optional: Multiple Monitor Support To Allow Functionality
  • Restore All Defaults: Incase Widget Becomes Damaged
  • Software Updater: Notifies And Assists Updating Widget

Download: Digg Search Widget (win or mac)
Links: Widget Gallery – Digg Search Widget
Required Software: Yahoo! Widget Engine (aka. Konfabulator)

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