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Software Up-Dates (6)
August 16, 2006 03:35 PM

Software Up-dates (6)

1) Apple iPod Updater (2006-06-28) was released a while ago. The update includes an optional volume limiter for the iPod Shuffle, support for the new Nike + iPod nano device and has some small bug fixes. You should upgrade if you have any ipod nano issues or if you plan to use iPod + Nike.
Links: iPod Update | Apple iPod Lineup

2) Mozilla Firefox v1.5.0.6 has been available for a few weeks and if you had upgraded to v1.5.0.5, you should upgrade. The previous update had patched over 13 security issues, but also created a new bug which had to do with Windows Media Content. To upgrade visit the link below or (Firefox v1.5 or above) select Check For Updates from the help menu.
Links: Mozilla Firefox | Change Log

3) Yahoo Messenger v8.0 was released a few weeks ago. This new client, which has left beta, supports chatting with people using MSN Messenger without any extra tools. Windows Live Messenger Is still in beta, but cross chatting should still work. The new version has many new features and works with over 180 free plugins. With new MSN + Yahoo! clients users are now connected to over 350 million members.
Links: Yahoo! Messenger | Windows Live Messenger

4) Apple Boot Camp v1.1 is now available and has new windows drivers to support hardware such as the iSight, built-in mic, and making it possible for a right-click. Also included is support for using standard windows keys and XP install on internal disks. The download is available from Apple’s website. Note: Software is still in beta and only for Intel Macs.
Links: Apple – Boot Camp | Boot Camp Info

5) Google Talk finally got a major update after being available for over 1 year. The new update gives Google Talk the ability to perform File Transfers, leave Voicemail, and display your “Music Status”. None of these features are unique when compared to other clients, but the entire application is 1.23MB. Get the update from the link below.
Links: Google Talk | What’s New and More Info

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