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Windows Vista – January 2007
November 4, 2006 08:37 PM

Windows Vista - Boxes

Although most expected another delay, last week Microsoft announced that Windows Vista would be available this month (Nov. 30th, 2006) for corporations and businesses. However the new operating system will be not be available for consumers (in retail stores) until Jan. 30th, 2007. Although Windows Vista requires more RAM (Dell recommends 2GB), a faster CPU, and powerful Video Card, (see hardware requirements) it will be an essential update since Microsoft hasn’t made any core changes to their operating system since Windows XP, which was launched in 2001.

Microsoft will be releasing a full install and an upgrade edition for each of four editions of Vista: Ultimate, Business, Home Premium, and Home Basic. (not six-editions as originally reported) As of now pricing will go as follows:

Windows Vista Pricing: (version – full / upgrade)

  • Vista Ultimate: $399 / $259
  • Vista Business: $299 / $199
  • Vista Home Premium: $239 / $159
  • Vista Home Basic – $199 / $99

Microsoft also plans release Office 2007 for consumers when Vista is launched. Other made-for-Vista apps, such as Windows Media Player 11, Internet Explorer 7, Windows Desktop Search 3, and more will either be released before or on launch if not already available.

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