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Firefox & Thunderbird Upgrades
December 21, 2006 09:31 PM

Firefox and Thunderbird Updates

Mozilla has just pushed out two new updates for Firefox and Thunderbird. The new Firefox update,, is the first patch to become available for Firefox 2.0 since its launch in October. According to Mozilla, the patch fixes about 8 different security issues and will now support Windows Vista for early adapters. If you are already using Firefox 2.0 and you haven’t already been notified of the update just go to “Help -> Check for Updates…” and Firefox will do the rest. Updating isn’t critical, but if you have a few seconds to spare, we recommend upgrading.

As for Thunderbird, a small update,, is now available. This patch “improves product stability” and also fixes about 7 security issues. As far as we know, Thunderbird 2.0 is on its way (expected 1st Quarter ’07) and it will include many new new features such as tags, tabbed email, and alerts. If you wish to test it out the beta is available from Mozilla’s website.

Links: Mozilla Firefox | Mozilla Thunderbird
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