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New Shure Headphones
January 22, 2007 08:25 PM

NEW Shure Headphones

During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Shure announced a major upgrade to their popular high-end consumer headphones. The four new Sound Isolating headphones all have “ever-wider frequency ranges,” move up a spot on the product line while remaining at around the same price, and are smaller than the previous models. The new headphones are also slightly more expensive than the previous models, which have been on the market for over two years, ranging from $150-500.

The Shure Earphones:

  • SE210: The cheapest of the new line of headphones, but these Hi-Definition MicroSpeakers offer better sound quality than most headphones on the market. – (Range: 25Hz-18.5kHz) – [$150]
  • SE310: Slightly better than the Hi-Defintion MicroSpeakers featured in the previous model, but now includes Tuned BassPort and reaches wider frequencies. – (Range: 22Hz-19kHz) – [$250]
  • SE420: Even better frequencies and now have more powerful Dual TruAcoustic MicroSpeakers. – (Range: 20Hz-19kHz) – [$350]
  • SE530/SE530PTH: Probably the best portable consumer earphones on the market today. These two feature a new Triple TruAcoustic MicroSpeakers. Can hit even the lowest and highest notes, has dual woofers?, and better bass. – (Range: 18Hz-19kHz) – [$450/$500]

To ensure the new earphones will fit everyones ears, the package will include “a variety of sleeves.” These include small, medium, and large: Foam, Soft Flex, and Triple Flange Sleeves. All four models have a 45cm cord plus a 91cm extension cable (total 136cm) and come with a Carrying Case. In addition the Premuim Kit (only for the SE420 and SE530) include a Volume Control module, 1/4″ Adapter, and an Airline Adapter.

I had the chance to try out each of these phones recently at the Shure booth at MacWorld 2007 and I plan to purchase the E210 when they become available. According to public Shure’s Press Release, the earphones will begin to ship worldwide next month, Feburary 2007. However a Shure employee I spoke with stated that the date currently mentioned is an estimation and may take much longer. I will write up a review as soon as I get a hold of a set of these, so check back soon!

Links: Shure Earphones | Buy Now (Amazon)

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