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BitPim Now Supports enV
February 27, 2007 01:21 AM

BitPim Supports VX-9900

The developers of BitPim have rolled out a new version (v0.9.12) of their popular program which allows managing data on mobile phones. Included in this update is more support for the LG VX9900 (aka enV). The previous update only allowed minimal compatibility with the phone. However now, when setup properly, anyone can sync Phonebook, Calendar, Wallpaper, Ringtone, Memo, SMS and Call History data back and forth. We recommend this to add ringtones onto your phone since the only other method is to purchase them from Verizon’s V Cast store.

Also the increased enV support was not the only addition to the most recent update of BitPim. They also increased stability, bug fixes, added support pages, and re-organized the interface. (plus more improvements with the LG VX8600, LG VX8500, and LG VX5300) The program is entirely free (open source) and you can download a copy from the link below.

Download: bitpim-0.9.12-1-setup.exe
Links: | Supported Phones

P.S. Linux and Mac OS X version also available: download now

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