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Nintendo Wii Play – $50
February 11, 2007 08:02 PM

Nintendo Wii Play

For those planning on purchasing another remote to accompany your Wii, the “Wii Play” package might be right for you. The package will include a disc with nine mini games (similar to Wii Sports) and a Wii Remote (Wii Nunchuck not included). The regular retail cost for a Wii Remote is $40 and for an additional $10, Nintendo will throw in the mini games listed below.

Wii Play Games:

  • Billiards – a realistic virtual wiirtual game of pool
  • Find Mii – pick the right Mii in time (where’s waldo?)
  • Shooting Range – aim and shoot targets on the screen
  • Pose Mii – change your Mii’s shape to match a shadow
  • Table Tennis – pretty much Wii Tennis, but on a table
  • Laser Hockey – twist remote & shoot a puck for points
  • Tanks – drive and destroy enemy tanks to win
  • Fishing – catch the most fish or the largest to earn pts.
  • Charge – ride a cow and knock down scarecrows (no joke)

In my opinion its always good to have some mini-games such as these around since it is an easy way to entertain guests. (it’s kind of hard to teach someone to play Zelda) All the games have single player and two player modes. Finally, as mentioned in the title, the Wii Play package will cost $50 and will be available online and in retail stores starting this week!

Links: Buy Wii Play | More Info
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