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Apple Doubles iPhone & iPod Touch Storage
February 5, 2008 03:26 PM

iPod Touch & iPhone Storage

Earlier today, Apple announced new models of the iPhone and iPod Touch, both of which now are available in double their previous storage capacity. The iPhone is now available in a 16GB model and the iPod Touch in a 32GB version. (Previously 8GB max for iPhone and 16GB max for iPod Touch.) It isn’t a surprise that Apple made this move and it was even expected to have been announced during MacWorld last month. It would also be good timing on their part since competitors such as Creative plans to be pushing out their 32GB ZEN very soon.

“For some users, there’s never enough memory,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple VP of Worldwide iPod and iPhone Marketing. “Now people can enjoy even more of their music, photos and videos on the most revolutionary mobile phone and best Wi-Fi mobile device in the world.”

All new iPhone and iPod Touch units will now come pre-installed with the new software upgrade and all the new features that were released last month. Both the 32GB iPod Touch and 16GB iPhone will be available in stores and online for $499. The main reason for the high price is probably the cost of the NAND flash going into the device, but prices are dropping quickly. Despite this, I would assume many would be interested to purchase either device as it is the only way to get more memory on board since neither device supports memory expansion.

Links: Apple iPhone | Apple iPod Touch

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