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Skatter Tech: Get Your Own Gravatar
April 4, 2008 07:41 PM

Gravatar On Skatter TechWe recently upgraded Skatter Tech to WordPress 2.5 and along with it we decided to make some changes to the icons that go along with each comment. Previously, each commenter’s icon was based off the favicon from the provided url. Today, we have switched to using Gravatar, “the globally recognized avatar.” Starting now the associated image will be linked to your email instead of the url.

Gravatar Demo

To setup your own Gravatar, visit The registration process is as simple as entering your email address. Then just login and upload an image to become your Gravatar. Now the next time you leave a comment on Skatter Tech or any other blog using the Gravatar service, you should see your icon appear! And in case you are wondering about privacy, your email address is kept private by both Gravatar and Skatter Tech so you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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