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LG Chocolate 3 – Now Available
July 14, 2008 04:04 PM

LG Chocolate 3Verizon Wireless has just made the LG Chocolate 3 available after only being announced late last week. The Chocolate 3 is the third generation model, not including the spin-offs, of the “LG Chocolate” series. What makes this phone stand out from rest is the inclusion of the Rhapsody Subscription Service through the V Cast Music. This is wonderful for music fanatics since they will now have unlimited wireless access to over 5 million songs high quality full length songs available in the Rhapsody library. And just like the LG Muziq, the Chocolate 3 sports a FM-transmitter to broadcast the music on your phone to your car’s stereo. In addition with a multitasking-supported back end, you’ll never have to stop listening to music when you wish to read/send messages, browse your contacts/web, or do most other tasks. Just like most phones on the market, excluding the iPhone, the Chocolate 3 doesn’t have any built in flash-memory storage, however it supports the use of up to 8GB microSD cards.

“We are proud of the success and popularity of the Chocolate series of handsets, and are excited about the upgrades made with this new edition,” said Mr. Ehtisham Rabbani, vice president of product strategy and marketing for LG Mobile Phones. “The LG Chocolate 3 helps Verizon Wireless customers minimize the number of electronic devices they need to carry at one time, allowing for a large capacity of music storage and connection to a car stereo without any wires.”

Asides from the music components, the LG VX-8560 (“the real name”) also remains quite a robust phone. It sports Bluetooth v2.1, V Cast Navigator, 2.0 mega-pixel camera/camcorder, Mobile Web/Email/IM, Speakerphone, Voice Commands, and many more features. Although battery life with playback hasn’t yet been officially benchmarked, they do advertise 4.5 hours of talk time. The LG Chocolate 3 is now available for purchase on and in Verizon Wireless Stores. The phone will cost new customers $129.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and require a new two-year contract.


P.S. – (07/15/08) – We just got a hold of the Chocolate 3, so expect an in-depth review soon! And a special thanks to the Verizon Wireless PR folks who have been extremely helpful!

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