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CES 2010: Toshiba Press Conference Live
January 6, 2010 10:03 AM

Just got seated in Toshiba’s Press Conference. It’s starting. Here we go!

10:00 AM – A quick preview of Times Square Toshiba Ads!

10:03 AM – Toshiba’s representative just took stage. Talking about Social Media and dialogue between companies and customers.

10:05 AM – Toshiba is showing off their new Ad campaign

10:07 AM – They want us to tweet and update Facebook statuses more! They are launching a new social media hub.

10:08 AM – Eco-Friendly Time! Talking about keeping their footprint on the environment light with their products.

10:09 AM – New President and CEO takes stage. Mr. Atsushi Muarasawa.

Note: Sorry uploads are slow, multimedia coming in soon!

10:11 AM – Toshiba announces new CELL TV lineup. Ultimate 3D experience. It combines 2D and 3D content in real time and in HD.

10:12 AM – They also have a complimentary HD 3D Blu-ray player!

10:14 AM – The cell processor in the TV is the fastest processor compared to any other TV on the market. Fastest engine for fastest rendering to date.

10:15 AM – Another person takes stage. 2009 had seen 30% growth to 29 Million Toshiba HDTV units sold. They expect a 34% growth for 2010 for HDTVs.

10:18 AM – LED TVs are selling well. Expect largest growth for that market this year.

10:19 AM – Holiday Sales was up a tad bit. Annual sales went up 27%.

10:21 AM – Flat screen TVs are more compact and more people want it in more places. It’s of course coming down in price.

10:22 AM – Toshiba Conversion! A unifying technology to keep all the media in a household together.

10:23 AM – For 2010 they’ve got 10 new HDTVs and 7 will be LED TVs. In Toshiba series 6 are CCFL and 3 LED. In Cinema Seires, 2 LED models. In Cell TV, there’s 2LED TVs.

10:24 AM – True Super Resolution+ Content. It up converts content better than ever before. It literally creates it’s own pixels to fill up the gap. There’s also a Noise Cancelling Technology. It removes all the grain in a video prior to displaying it.

10:27 AM – TVs are connected. There’s Wireless HD. (Wireless HDMI). There’s 802.11n WiFi. DLNA streaming support, USB content playback, and web content.

10:28 AM – There’s a Video Phone. Doesn’t seem as great as LG’s Skype setup… There’s also plenty of web service support. Examples are Pandora, Netflix, etc.

10:30 AM – They are really trying to be able to let people get there content everywhere. They have HDDs for storage and playback on HDTVs.

10:31 AM – TriVector technology. Taking any content and making it visible in 3D. Really don’t know how that’s going to work for now. Apparently can turn any of you current videos into 3D with a special conversion technology.

10:33 AM – Genesis Design Models 55inch and 65inch. Cell TV has Mre detail, brightness, contrast, connected, content and 3D.

10:34 AM – No more CCFL, expected by 2012.

10:35 AM – loading… to be updated soon!

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