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Skatter Tech 3.0 Revamp Coming Soon
September 17, 2010 05:49 PM

It’s been about 5 years since Skatter Tech went live and a lot has changed since then. Our publication moved from Google’s Blogger platform to Six Apart’s Movable Type and soon landed on WordPress. While we’ve been adding new features to keep up with times, the overall format and layout is outdated. Getting from article to article or discovering new content isn’t particularly intuitive. Solving those issues is a bit of the motivation behind the upcoming revamp.

Skatter Tech 3.0 will bring many improvements including improved search, galleries, comments, page load times, and cross-browser compatibility. (Optimized mobile versions for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS also coming soon.) In addition to those enhancements, the entire user interface will get a major face-lift with tons of new features. We’ll have media-rich hubs for keep tracking of the latest news, reading in-depth reviews, and discussing technology.

That’s just a quick glimpse into what is coming soon. The screen grab at the top isn’t a finalized design and for those who are bound to ask, we haven’t set a date for relaunch. If you want to help us test the beta version, feel free to leave a comment below. Otherwise stay tuned for more updates.

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