News Hub Gets A New Interface
September 15, 2010 07:07 PM

If you aren’t using Twitter, it’s probably a good time to register for an account. The San Francisco based company is getting ready to launch a major revamp to their web platform. Biz Stone and Evan Williams, the founders, announced that the upcoming launch would take design hints from the Twitter for iPad App interface. Although the new version is only available to certain users at this time, it will reach their entire user base over the next few weeks.

The new web interface features an improved two column design. The left side features a stream of the latest tweets while the right side offers an in-depth look at individual items. For instance, if a user were to share a link to music, photos, or videos from a “partner site” such as Flickr, TwitPic, Vimeo, or YouTube, the embedded items are viewable on the right side. This let’s people enjoy rich multimedia without having to leave Twitter. The new also makes it easier to view another user’s tweets, @replies, and geo-tagged locations. If there isn’t anything to display, the default view displays ‘following’ and ‘follower’ counts for your profile along with your latest tweets, lists, the top trends, and user suggestions. Other mentioned items include “mini profiles” to view detailed information about users without having to leave a page. The upper menu bar also seems to have undergone a face-lift: it now prominently features the search bar.

Although I’ve been a long-time user, I have recently started using 3rd party programs: Seesmic 2. However, since I saw that amazing teaser video and a few screen grabs of the new interface, there’s a good chance I may entirely go back to the browser-based experience. Twitter is slowly evolving into something larger than a simple “status update” website. With official native applications for mobile platforms such as Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry, and Google Android, it is easy to access the service from just about anywhere. Be sure to follow @twitter to know when the new website goes live for everyone.

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