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Russell Peters Video
March 20, 2005 09:10 AM

I have finally found and added the full Russell Peters 45-minute video from Comedy Now! to Skatter Tech. You may download the file in the real media format from the link below. So who is he anyways? Well he is the one the funniest Indian comedians. He makes great jokes about Brown (Indian), Yellow (Asian), White, Black, and every other race out there. If you don’t watch this video “Sombody gonna’ get a-hurt realll baddd!” If you want a bit more information on Russell Peters take a look at Wikipedia.


Update: (11/28/05) There are now over 2,500 downloads in total of both the New York and Canada episodes every day. Many are ending up here from either Google or Yahoo’s search engines, searching for keywords such as “Russell Peters Full Video Download,” “Russell Peters full-length show,” “Russell Peters Complete,” “Russell Peters 45-Minunte Video,” “Russell Peters Torrent” and “Indian Russell Peters Comdian.” Please also check out the New York Video!

UPDATE: (08/25/06) NEW ‘Russell Peters: Outsourced’ VIDEO

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