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Russell Peters in New York Video
November 10, 2005 06:44 PM

Russell Peters

There have been many Russell Peters Videos circulating around the web for over an year now. The most famous of his stand-ups was his ~45 minute show in Canada on Comedy Now! (that can be downloaded from this site as well) Russell Peters is an Indian Comedian, who has many great jokes about the Indian culture as well as makes plenty of hillarious insults at other ethinic groups. He has also appeared in the Wild 94.9 Comdey Jam at the Shoreline Amphitheatere (Mountain View, CA), along with Carlos Mencia, DL Hughley, and many more. (over 20,000 people showed up to this event, which was also a Hurricane Katrina benfit show) Anyways, the video is 58 minutes long and is composed of many new jokes. Although it is not as great as his other performances, it is still worth the watch.

Note: This video is way to large and would cost a large amount of money to pay for bandwith. Therefore the video is currently being hosted by “Google Video” and thanks to Google you can stream the video at up to 200kbps. The video will play in you browser through Google Video as long as you have both Macromedia Flash and Java Runtime installed. If you would like to download a copy, just click [download] on the Google Video page on the right side. PC, Mac, Sony PSP, and Apple iPod Video formats are available!

Link: NEW – Russell Peters in NY via Google Video
Related: Original 45-Min Russell Peters Video (.rm – realplayer required)

Update: “Russell Peters: Outsourced” Now Available

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